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Inflator Masterbatch - Enhance Foaming and Expansion | Albosa

Blowing Agent Masterbatch is an essential product used in the production of plastic materials. As one of Turkey's leading masterbatch manufacturers, we offer our customers high-quality blowing agent masterbatch solutions.

Blowing Agent Masterbatch is a type of additive used in the production of plastic products. This masterbatch creates gas bubbles inside the plastic products, increasing their volume.

  • It provides high-quality foaming performance.
  • Increases the lightness and therefore portability of products
  • Increases the strength of products
  • Reduces production costs of products
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • Special formulations optimized for high inflation performance
  • Suitable properties for different types of plastics
  • It gives effective results when used in appropriate doses.
  • Provides easy use and storage

Albosa Masterbatch's blowing agent masterbatch can be used in many plastic applications.

For example, 

  • injection
  • extrusion

    are used in applications.

Albosa Masterbatch provides fast and reliable service to its customers in Turkey and Europe. You can easily place your orders and receive your products on time. To place an order, contact formyou can fill out the form or whatsapp you can contact us directly or reach us through the phone number listed on our website.

Our product is designed to facilitate the expansion of polymer materials, resulting in lighter, stronger, and more flexible products. It releases gases used in the production of plastic products, thereby increasing their volume. Additionally, it reduces material density, thus reducing the weight of the products. As a result, blowing agent masterbatch finds wide applications in various sectors, including automotive, packaging, construction, agriculture, and more.

Our product is manufactured using high-quality materials and its special formulation allows it to maintain the properties of the polymers while ensuring high efficiency during the production process. This enables our customers to manufacture their products faster and more cost-effectively. Additionally, the environmentally friendly characteristics of our product support our customers' sustainability goals.

Our blowing agent masterbatch product is a solution that helps our customers increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product quality in their production processes. Our products, manufactured in industry-leading production facilities, provide reliable performance to our customers as they are made from high-quality materials.

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