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Filler Masterbatch - Enhance Strength and Reduce Cost | Albosa

Filler masterbatch is a kind of additive used to improve the properties of polymers and reduce product costs. Filler masterbatch usually contains filler materials such as calcium carbonate, talc, barite, kaolin and other minerals. Filler masterbatch products are a suitable option for various polymeric materials, especially widely used in plastic injection molding, film blowing, casting and extrusion processes.

Filler masterbatch is a type of masterbatch used to increase the durability and strength of plastic products. This masterbatch is added into plastic materials to increase the filling of plastic products.

Filling masterbatch has many advantages. These advantages include cost savings, increased durability and strength of plastic products, non-flammability and UV resistance.

The properties of the filler masterbatch vary depending on the filler the product contains. Fillers such as calcium carbonate, talc, kaolin and barium sulfate are commonly used. The properties of these masterbatches include high thermal conductivity, low density, excellent processability and hardness.

Albosa Masterbatch's filling masterbatch products can be used in many plastic applications.

For example, 

  • injection
  • film
  • extrusion
  • pipe

    are used in applications.

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The filler masterbatch improves the properties of the polymer material while at the same time reducing production costs. Calcium carbonate-based filler masterbatch products also provide whitening and opacity, which is why they are often preferred for white or light-colored products. They are also environmentally friendly and recyclable, making them suitable for sustainable production practices.

Another important advantage of filler masterbatch products is that they provide process control. The type and amount of filler material in the products controls changes in the properties of the polymer material. While filler masterbatch products change the hardness, density, thermal stability, impact strength and other properties of polymer materials, they do not affect the processability of the polymer.

Filler masterbatch products can be used in many different applications of polymeric materials. For example, they are used in film and sheet production, casting and injection molding processes, pipe and pipe fittings, cable and wire coatings, automotive parts, household appliances and packaging materials.

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